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Using the Finest Cat Food and Supplies in Bristol, South Gloucestershire

As part of our commitment to providing your cat with the finest care and boarding service, we make use of high-quality products. At Laxey Cattery, in Bristol, South Gloucestershire, we feed our visitors the finest cat food, offering an extensive selection to ensure that each cat has a meal they enjoy. Additionally, we only choose cat supplies that are animal-friendly and specially designed for use in properties with pets.

Anistel™ (Formerly Trigene)

Over the last 20 years, the Trigene formulation has taken great pride in providing its users with products that have been developed to meet their precise needs while utilising the latest science and research to maintain cost-effective prices. Trigene was renamed Anistel in April 2012, and was officially launched two months later. Anistel has been the number one high-level hygiene product in the companion animal sector for more than a decade, and continues to have an enviable reputation as the tried, tested, and trusted disinfectant of choice among animal healthcare providers worldwide.

Anigene™ Disinfectant

The all-new Angiene Hld4v high-level disinfectant has been specially formulated to provide an environmentally friendly, economic, and effective alternative to other products on the market. Safety, security, and simplicity have also been enhanced, allowing Angiene Hld4v to offer economic dilutions for virtually all environmental challenges. Once mixed, Angiene Hld4v remains useable for six months.

The Finest Cat Food

Here at Laxey Cattery, we offer a wide range of premium cat food to suit every cat’s palette, including Whiskers™, Felix™, and Go-Cat™. Our selection includes both wet and dry cat food suited for kittens, junior cats, and senior cats. To make sure that your furry feline enjoys their stay, we supply these quality options – after all, a happy diet makes a happy cat. Should your cat have its own dietary needs, we will use food provided by you. However, you will still be charged the full amount for the boarding service.
Cat Lying Down
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