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We provide/What to bring

At Laxey cattery we provide:

  • Litter (wood pellets)
  • Litter trays
  • Food
  • Food bowls
  • Water
  • Water bowls
  • Heating
  • Security
  • 1-1 attention twice a day, every day

You need to bring:

  • home comforts (blankets/ cat bed/ toys ect)
  • Food (if on a special/specific diet- we CANNOT accept a frozen diet, we only have an on-site refrigerator not freezer)
  • Medication (if required)
  • Vaccination records

We only accept fully vaccinated cats/kittens and flea and worming treatments is the customers responsibility to apply before boarding your cat(s) in our premises. For long terms guests we do not mind applying flea or worming treatment but only if they are boarding with us for 1 month+.

Here at Laxey Cattery, we offer a wide range of premium cat food to suit every cat’s palette, including Whiskers™, Felix™, Sheba, Burgess and Go-Cat™. Our selection includes both wet (Jelly and Gravy) and dry cat food suited for kittens, junior cats, and senior cats with multiple flavours. To make sure that your furry feline enjoys their stay, we supply these quality options – after all, a happy diet makes a happy cat. Should your cat have its own dietary needs, we will use food provided by you. However, you will still be charged the full boarding costs.

On the rare occurrence that a cat becomes ill during its stay, we will immediately contact your vet to seek advice. If your vet is unavailable, we will get in touch with our vet for expert guidance. All cats boarding at our location must be vaccinated against cat flu, and we will need to view up-to-date vaccination certificates upon each visit!

We are not trained groomers or vets however we are happy to brush your cat where possible if you provide us with a brush for their stay and also our team are happy to administer tablets for cats that are on medication, although we do not carry out injections nor can we unfortunately accept FIV positive cats.